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Survive the Superbowl! (Fix approved)

Well, my Patriot loving husband is one happy camper. Me, a closet Cowboys fan, was really hoping for a Pats/ Cowboy lineup, but whatever it’s cool. They are the two most hated teams according to a prestigiously orchestrated ESPN poll. Anyway. I digress. How does a Fitness Coach approach such a momentous occasion? With a […]

In defense of my feminist view

Wow. Yikes. Holy Shmoly! I am a blogger. I write blogs. I take my perspective, slather it in as much information as I can, sprinkle it with a little bit of voice, and call it a day. Well, usually. Usually, writing a blog to me is second nature. Usually my thoughts put on paper make […]

Reverse Feminism

I strongly applaud anyone who feels that they need to stand up for something they believe in; when they feel oppressed, when they see oppression; even when they fear oppression. However, I am a woman in America and I do not feel oppressed. I have daughters in America and they are not oppressed. They have […]

Wear Red for Ed

As an adjunct professor, I get to teach teachers the value of teaching. I really enjoy teaching- I love helping people. I really do. I love the idea of education, I love the thought of learning, I love the notion that we can all be successful in our own ways. I love the transformation of […]

The sweet bitterness of it all

I don’t know what it was like parenting before social media. I don’t know who reminded all of those parent out there what their children looked like a year, two years, or even 6 years ago. I had a picture pop up (thanks a lot, Facebook) to remind me how in the blink of an […]

Basketball Wives of Aroostook County

If you’ve seen Basketball Wives LA, you know what basketball wives do in their spare time. You know what they look like, glamorous and kept up perfectly. Their hair, their nails, their clothes. Their lives are full of drama and expensive gifts. Huge diamonds sit on their fingers, they have housekeepers, nannies, and constant help. […]

Maintaining Motivation

How many times a day do you mutter, “Where’s my motivation?” How often does it answer, “Yo. I’m over here.”? If your motivation does, you are 15 steps ahead of me. I know that it’s hard to find the get up and go to get up and go sometimes. I struggle with that on a […]

When the enemy strikes

Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch, minding your own business, flipping between DIY halloween costumes on Pinterest; funny, yet maddening political memes and rants on Facebook; and cat videos on Youtube. You feel all cozy and safe. Then, it happens. Maybe you get up to go to the bathroom, or you have to go […]