Tales of a Hardworking Mom

I’m not thirty yet, not for at least a couple more years. I have two amazing daughters, one’s 5 going on 16 and the other just turned 1.

I also have an amazing husband who has been a huge part of who I’ve become and, for some reason, understands me. We have both chosen careers in education and we love it, most days.

Being a teacher isn’t easy, but being a parent, wife, part time cook, writer, etc. all while planning, adapting, writing IEP’s, and scheduling? One would think insane.

Such is the life I live.

Everyday is a race, a challenge, a success, and sometimes a failure, but totally worth living. I will share with you my thoughts and words, often my rants, so you can see the world through my eyes.

I will be a bit personal at times, so bear with me, while others I may share my latest kitchen concoction that I sold as supper. In the meantime, thanks for joining me on my journey!

Claire Pelletier