Monthly Archives: January 2017

Survive the Superbowl! (Fix approved)

Well, my Patriot loving husband is one happy camper. Me, a closet Cowboys fan, was really hoping for a Pats/ Cowboy lineup, but whatever it’s cool. They are the two most hated teams according to a prestigiously orchestrated ESPN poll. Anyway. I digress. How does a Fitness Coach approach such a momentous occasion? With a […]

In defense of my feminist view

Wow. Yikes. Holy Shmoly! I am a blogger. I write blogs. I take my perspective, slather it in as much information as I can, sprinkle it with a little bit of voice, and call it a day. Well, usually. Usually, writing a blog to me is second nature. Usually my thoughts put on paper make […]

Reverse Feminism

I strongly applaud anyone who feels that they need to stand up for something they believe in; when they feel oppressed, when they see oppression; even when they fear oppression. However, I am a woman in America and I do not feel oppressed. I have daughters in America and they are not oppressed. They have […]

Wear Red for Ed

As an adjunct professor, I get to teach teachers the value of teaching. I really enjoy teaching- I love helping people. I really do. I love the idea of education, I love the thought of learning, I love the notion that we can all be successful in our own ways. I love the transformation of […]

The sweet bitterness of it all

I don’t know what it was like parenting before social media. I don’t know who reminded all of those parent out there what their children looked like a year, two years, or even 6 years ago. I had a picture pop up (thanks a lot, Facebook) to remind me how in the blink of an […]