Monthly Archives: December 2013

Request to my children’s teachers

I’m writing this blog strictly as a parent- professionally, I view things a little differently, but personally, please, understand that as a parent, I’m asking my children’s teachers to promise me a few things. The following requests are solely because I know that if my child is partaking in any of the following activities, it […]

Oh, glorious pregnancy

I want to be in the body of a woman who claims that their pregnancy was amazing. I want to feel great, rejuvenated. I want to glow. Instead, I’m walking around with a migraine and a deathly pallor that’s sure to frighten young children. Now, before you tell me, “Oh you’re having a girl!” please […]

Facing the truth

It’s me, checking in here, with a topic that I’m sort of afraid to write about. I only say that for two reasons. The first is because I’m sort of afraid of the backlash I’m going to get with it. If you’ve read my blogs, I’ve been pretty nice and haven’t necessarily discussed anything controversial, […]