Feeling Old?

My husband and I did something a little ‘wild and crazy’ this week. We went to a rock concert. You heard me, a freakin’ rock concert! Let me explain to you just how crazy things got.

We left around noon the day of the concert. An hour past our scheduled departure because I misplaced the tickets and we had to make sure our animals were fed.

So, there we were, out on the open road. No kids crying, no one talking our ear off, just myself and my husband, listening to tunes.

When we got to the big city, three hours later, we threw caution to the wind and hit up Toys R Us. I know, I know, we’re animals, but trust me, it gets crazier! We then delivered a birthday present to our nephew and hung out there for a while, discussing wine and Corona (don’t get any ideas, we didn’t drink any, it was only 4 o’clock!) and the cheapest place to buy such luxuries. We left, and here’s where things got wild!

We had time to do some “powershopping” at Sam’s Club. I was so excited to stock up on Pampers and Cheez-its that I forgot we were about to see a concert.  We finished in 35 minutes, all of you readers are thinking we’re the rock stars right now, aren’t you?

I mixed a margarita in the parking lot and we headed to the concert site. By this time I was starving, so we went to Sea Dog’s for a beer and some nachos.

I ate THREE jalapenos. I’m telling you, we were like loonies finally let out of a cage (and my gums are still hurting from the burn of those damn things). We enjoyed our meal and walked down the street, hand in hand like young lovers, and pumped ourselves up for the big show. I had to dump out the remainder of my margarita because I had heartburn, though, talk about feeling old.

So, we walk in, and I get a beer. We find our seats, which are not too shabby, and the concert starts. Halestorm was phenomenal, I have to say, that girl can sing! Halfway through, I realized that I really had to pee. Bad. I suffered through and decided that I should only drink another beer before the last show- those bathrooms were too far away!

After the second show, I realized how old I really am. First of all, the band 3 Doors Down, was awesome, but their first song came out when I was a freshman in High School. That was 13 years ago (I had my ten year reunion last weekend, I’m not ready to write about that yet). Yikes! Anyway, we kicked it back ‘old school’ and rocked out to jams like Kryptonite. Everyone was screaming and jumping and dancing- we watched with amazement and pretended that we were that lively.

Then, once the band was done bringing me back to my teenage years, I realized that I didn’t feel like going over to the beer garden to get another. I debated it in my head for at least 15 minutes. I finally vocalized this to my husband and said, “You know you’re old when walking to the beer garden takes too much effort.” His charming reply? “I wish I was a better person, because I’d go get you one.” That’s all I needed and went into a fit of laughter realizing that we are definitely the same person.

Daughtry came out and the crowd went wild. They were jumping higher, dancing harder, and screaming louder. Again, we swayed to the music, sang a little, but I didn’t want to overexert myself, it had been a wild day!

Then it started raining and I hit the peak of reality about my age. I began to look around and envy the people who were putting on ponchos. PONCHOS! Never in my life would I have ever imagined I would want to wear one of those things. But, sure enough, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a plastic garbage bag over my head. But since we’re old and not practical, we got wet.

Then I noticed a woman in front of me wearing ear plugs, and I thought, what a good idea! Not really, I wondered what the point of that was, but to each their own.

So, this is the story of my husband and I’s trip to our younger years. We lived it up for 6 hours, drove home that night and got back at 2:30 in the morning because our little one had a fever. Parenting changes you, if it wouldn’t there’d be something wrong, but sometimes, it’s nice to forget. It’s nice to get away and pretend you’re young again. I’m so glad I have my older but younger teammate to pretend I’m carefree with.

Maybe next year we’ll stay overnight, but I don’t want too be reckless.

Have fun today!

Claire Pelletier

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I'm 30. Boy am I 30. I have three children: Shelby (almost 8), Harper (3), and Aidan (1). I work full time as an English teacher, full time as a mom, part time as a wife, part time as a cook at a Diner (this is actually a paid position), and a per diem house cleaner. Basically, I do it all. Oh and I like to write (revert back to my full time teaching position). This life is crazy, people are even crazier, and online blogging has given me a voice. Some may think it's a loud and obnoxious voice, but I kind of like it. I do my best to write about things that interest people, mainly about myself. Sometimes I verge into the political land, but that place scares me, so I mostly write about every day things that make me laugh, cry, or scream. Thanks for reading!