Monthly Archives: July 2013

Feeling Old?

My husband and I did something a little ‘wild and crazy’ this week. We went to a rock concert. You heard me, a freakin’ rock concert! Let me explain to you just how crazy things got. We left around noon the day of the concert. An hour past our scheduled departure because I misplaced the […]

Shoulda Had a V8

Anyone want a high five to the forehead? I can tell you a surefire way, other than skipping your daily dose of V8. Are you ready for this? It’s really easy to do. Say to a teacher, “Must be nice to have your summers off.” Or any variation of that, for that matter. For the […]

Politically Correct

Holy, Governor LePage. Thanks for being a role model for our kids. I’m sort of torn between a morbid fascination with this man who can walk around saying whatever comes to his mind and pure and utter disgust for his diarrhea of the mouth. You know, living up in the county, I don’t think I’ve […]

Hollywood Kissing Scenes

While I was doing the dishes this morning, I got the sudden urge to sit on the couch and watch a good ol’ Nicholas Sparks movie. So then my brain, being the fantastical way that it is, started to think about why I have this secret love affair with Hollywood portrayal of perfect love. I […]

Try to understand…

Many people wonder why I work two jobs, including myself at times. I will often say, “I have to.” But that’s not entirely true. We could definitely make ends meet, barely, but survive. I work two jobs and there are still times our bank account is in the hole and we are behind on a […]